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Chef Abraham Salum urges Dallas to stretch its palate and get to know regional Mexican cuisine.

D Magazine June 22nd, 2011
by Nancy Nichols

“Regional Mexican cuisine takes you beyond the enchiladas, rice, and beans of Tex-Mex to dishes prepared with guajillo peppers, corn smut, and lengua. Buck up. It’s time to take the plunge. You can start with the gentle offerings at Komali.”

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Another Mexican Revolution

Arts and Culture DFW
March 2011
by Steven Lindsey

“If there’s a new trend emerging in Chef abraham Salum’s latest creation, Komali, it will be a welcome one. dallas is a city overrun with Tex-Mex restaurants, some of them great, some of them not worth the cost of the factory-made tortillas they roll around their processed cheese. So to have a Mexican restaurant (the only “Tex” comes from its geographical location in the state) featuring high-quality ingredients, a sophisticated atmosphere, and an abundance of authentic flavors is worth rejoicing. This is the Mexican food of real Mexico, not the theme-park version of unlimited chips, mass-produced salsa and piñatas hanging in the window.”

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Komali in Dallas Aims High

Sidedish February 24th, 2011
by Andrew Chalk

“For Abraham Salum, Komail is an intensely personal venture. He wants it to be his expression of the best of Mexican food culture. He has collected a lifetime’s experience of recipes starting with some from his mother’s kitchen in Mexico City. He has incorporated ideas he’s learned from traveling across Mexico to produce a melting pot menu that stands as one of the broadest representations of authentic Mexican cuisine in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.”

Read the full review at SideDish.

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